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Trinidad restaurant

Since Cubans are allowed to start their own small business in 2012 - 2013 the amount of restaurants in Trinidad have been grown tremendously, and lots of them with success.

There are some very nice and creative restaurants around town. Mostly Cuban creole food but also some real good other International restaurants can be found here in Trinidad.


Trinidad Restaurants & Paladares


Restaurant Allegro

Address: Rubén M. Villena e/ Pino Ginart y Pablo, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Los Almendros

Ranchón El Cubano, Puente del Río Guarabo, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41940206 Fax: +53 41992577

Canalcubano: It is El Ranchón restaurant of El Cubano farm, near Trinidad. One of the most outstanding features is a catfish breeding. They serve a typical dish with this fish. Going up the river, a pass way leads to a charming place, Jabira cascade, where water falls into a natural high rock walled swimming pool. Behind the water curtain lies another mysterious swimming pool for nature fearless lovers.

Restaurant Los Amigos

Rita Maria Montelier #73, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Los Arrecifes

Mesa Buffet
Hotel Costasur
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Restaurant Bahía de Casilda

Cocina internacional
Hotel Ancón
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Las Begonias

Comidas ligeras
Address: Antonio Maceo y Simón Bolivar, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Frommers: Once one of Trinidad's better restaurants, Las Begonias is now not much more than a snack bar, with 10 glass-topped tables on a red-tile floor, open to the street. Still, it's good enough for breakfast or a cheap light lunch. It serves mostly sandwiches (emparedados) and hamburgers, as well as the ubiquitous fried chicken. The house specialty is a sandwich, the "super rumbos" that is ham, cheese, and peppers on thick bread. An Internet cafe is attached.

Taberna La Botija

Settled in a very creative and interesting setting, decorated with historic slavery atributes. They serve tapas, and creole dishes but also pizzas. Good wines and mediums prized. All this with live music, not another "Guantanamera" band but great Cuban jazzy bands.

Address: Amargura 71-B esq. Boca, Trinidad, Cuba


Restaurant Casa Guachinango

Address: Carretera Sancti Spiritus km 12, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba

Canalcubano: More than a restaurant it is a country house where you can have a rest after a day of excursions. It is located close to Trinidad, in the middle of an incredible valley (Valle de los Ingenios) and offers to its guests a menu that consists of typical criollo dishes combined with pork meet and good vegetables. You can ride on horses or have a walk in its nice surroundings.

Restaurant Casa de la Música

Address: Francisco Javier Zerquera #406, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41 93414

Canalcubano: A restaurant located in the upper part of the outside steps in the centre of Trinidad with splendid views. It has one of the best offer of creole cuisine in the city with an acceptable quality.

Restaurant La Caoba

Parque La Represa, Topes de Collantes, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 42 40206 Fax: +53 419 92577

Canalcubano: It is a small, welcoming restaurant, situated in the core of the forest, next to the old dam, now the historical aqueduct of Topes de Collantes. It is beside an arboretum full of native and exotic plants. Visitors are always anxious to see it.

Restaurant Caucobu

Cocina internacional
Hotel Las Cuevas

Restaurant La Ceiba

Restaurant La Ceiba Trinidad CubaNamed after the Ceiba big tree in their bag yard. Nice but bigger place with tables downstairs under the Ceiba tree and tables upstair with a stunning view on the Escambray mountains. Professional restaurant serving Cuban cuisine like sandwiches at lunch and lobster, chicken and more traditional Cuban food.

Photos Restaurant La Ceiba

Address: Pablo Pichs Giron #263, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41992408 / +53 52911434

Restaurant Las Conchas

Comidas ligeras
Hotel Ancón
Trinidad, Cuba

Paladar La Coruña

Address: José Martí 430, Trinidad, Cuba

Frommers: A pleasant private home restaurant with just three tables on the patio just beyond the living room, under a welcome ceiling fan, and a couple more under a bright bulb in the garden, this is, along with dinner-only Estela, the second-best of Trinidad's paladares. It has an oral menu only, but you can already guess what's served: chicken, pork, grilled fish. Meals begin with a salad and veggie plate, and the main course is served with a heaping mound of rice and beans, followed by a small plate of bananas and mango. Tables are very informal, with plasticized tablecloths, wood chairs up front, and iron garden chairs in the garden. One wall of the paladar is decorated with souvenir money from customers around the world.

Restaurant Las Cuevas

Cocina criolla
Hotel Las Cuevas
Trinidad, Cuba


Paladar Davimart Trinidad Cuba

Paladar Davimart

Address: Anastacio Cardenas #518, e/ Simon Bolivar and Fidel Claro, Trinidad, Cuba

Location: at the other side of the street of Casa El Tulipan


Reviews Paladar Davimart

Name: Gary Graves
Country: USA
I had dinner there at: Dec 2011
With how many people: 3

This paladar was FANTASTIC !! The best meal I have ever had in Cuba. 4 courses of delicious, international quality food, including dessert, coffee, and a bottle of wine for $20 cuc each (There were 3 of us and the bill was just over $60 cuc). Regular portions (not the normal huge portions to make up for lack of quality), no black beans and rice, great service and the setting is unbelievable. From the street it looks like an abandoned building but you walk back a bit and the gardens and paladar opens up to a tranquil, quiet garden like setting. I am not sure how you decide on who is included in your web site, but I highly recommend looking into this place. There are also 2 nice rooms for rent upstairs and a small bar under construction.


Restaurant Don Antonio

Cocina criolla y internacional
Address: Gustavo Izquierdo #118 e/ Pino Guinart y Simón Bolívar, Tinidad, Cuba
Tel: +53 4196548

Canalcubano: In this old house perfectly rehabilitated serves a very well prepared native food. Its specialist the steak fish "Don Antonio", with a correct wine menu. It also has a charm yard-terrace.


Paladar Estela

Paladar Estela Trinidad CubaCuban cuisine
Address: Simón Bolívar #557, Trinidad, Cuba
Tel: +53 4194329

Photos Paladar Estela

The first paladar in Trinidad.

Enter through an elaborately decorated colonial house, 2 blocks north of the cathedral, into this private restaurant, which has a handful of tables set in an exuberant backyard garden setting, with tons of flowering plants, including red estrella de navidad, and a wall festooned with vines. Portions are nearly as voluminous as the flora. Dishes include roast pork a la cubana, fried chicken, grilled fish, and ham omelet. All are served with moros y cristianos (black beans and rice), salad, fried banana, crackers, and fruit. The owner also has one room for rent

Reviews Paladar Estela

November 17 2010
Name: Sanja Ristic
Country: Serbia
I had dinner there at: 11/08/2010
With how many people: 1

The meals are a bit more expensive then in other reastaurants(about 10 cuc) but it's apsolutely worth it! You get huge avocado salad, rice on the side, that cuban potato an the side, fried bananas, and the delicious big portion of main meal on separate plate!
You just have to try this. On Lonelu planet this paladar is second after Sol and son,tryed that one too but this is definitely my number one!:D


Restaurant Esquerra Trinidad Cuba

Restaurant Esquerra

Great location at the corner of Plaza Mayor. Good Cuban food and often life music.

Address: Francisco Javier Zerquera #464, Trinidad 62600, Cuba
Phone: +53 (41) 993434


Restaurant Finca María Dolores

Cocina criolla
Address: Carretera Circuito Sur, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4193581

Canalcubano: This complex has different installations. The restaurant is one of the best places in order to eat native food in Trinidad and its surroundings, besides, you can spend a day joining the nature.

Restaurant La Flor de Trinidad

Address: Francisco Javier Zerquera (Rosario) #458, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41993175


Restaurant Grill Caletas

Address: Penninsula Ancon, Curva De Alfredo, Boca, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Guamuhaya

Cocina internacional
Address: Martí #310, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Bar - Restaurant Guitarra Mia

Address: Jesús Menéndez (Alameda) #19, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 52703174


Restaurant El Jigüe

Carne de aves
Address: Rubén Martínez Villena #70, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 419 6476

Canalcubano: Located in the Trinidad historical center, Mankind Heritage city, this house prepares a delicious native food, specially its well known specialty "Pollo al JiGüE". Besides there are good prices.

Frommers: Probably the best of Trinidad's state-run restaurants, El Jigüe (hee-gweh) is a brightly lit, nearly formal dining room in a handsome, airy colonial house. It sits on one of the old town's prettiest and tiniest squares, next to a massive shade tree. Just a block from the Plaza Mayor, the restaurant has high-backed chairs, white tablecloths, and prominent chandeliers, which lend it an elegance not often seen in official restaurants in Cuba. Its specialty is pollo El Jigüe, which comes in a clay pot with pasta and cheese and is served with salad and coffee. Other dishes worth checking out are grilled fish, standard chicken, and lobster -- the latter is, if not cheap, a better value here at $18 than at many government-owned restaurants.

Wcities: This eatery specializes in fowl, serving chicken any style including on the grill, roasted and tropical and highlights its Pollo al Jigue (Jigue chicken). Originally a homestead, it was built in the mid-1700s and remodeled in 1810. It retains the beautiful plaster mouldings of the ceilings, bronze lamps and engraved crystal along with the stuccoed Moorish motifs which stand out. Its cultural import is seen on the facade, which exemplifies the use of murals dating from the mid-19th century.


Restaurant Lina

Hotel Costasur
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Restaurant Paladar La Marinera

Junky Dot Com: Restaurant La Marinera Casilda &emdash; Restaurant Paladar La Marinera in CasildaCuban food, real Cuban atmosfere, the ambiance is a mixture between locals and tourists. Just a 10 minutes drive from Trinidad. The best paella in the surroundings.

Photos Paladar La Marinera

Address: Jovellanos 178 e/ Iglesia y Perla , Casilda, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba 62600

Phone: +53 52489684 +53 58191662 +53 41995454

Restaurant Mesón del Regidor

Junky Dot Com: Trinidad &emdash; Restaurant Meson Del Regidor TrinidadAddress: Simón Bolívar #424, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4196456

Located in the historic center of Trinidad, close to Plaza Mayor, it has a nice bar and a pretty terrace. Cuban food. The service is ok. It has economic prices. Nothing fancy to eat, just chicken, rice and other Cuban traditionals.

Restaurant Mirador

Callejon de Galdos #2B e/ Ernesto V Munoz y Callajon de los Gallegos Centro Historico, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Restaurant Taberna Ochun y Yemaya

Restaurante Hostal Ochun YemayaRestaurant located in the historic center of Trinidad. Besides the restaurant they also offer rooms for rent.

Address:  Calle Piro Guinart #151B, e/  Frank Pais y Jose Marti, Trinidad, Cuba

GPS: 21.805199, -79.988364

Phone: +5341998225


Restaurant Olaya

Cocina internacional
Hotel Ancón
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Restaurant Parrillada

Héctor Barbiquiú
Pescados y Mariscos
Hotel Ancón
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Patrona de Cuba

Address: Ciro Redondo e/ Vincente Suyama and Pedro Colina, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Plaza Mayor

Address: Real esq. Francisco J. Zerquera, Trinida, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4196470

Canalcubano: This restaurant offers the unique buffet-table of the colonial city. It was opened in 1998 in an antic residence. It also has a relaxing yard with fruit trees. Without an extraordinary quality, but it use to be fill up, due to its good prices.

Restaurant Plaza Santa Ana

Cocina internacional
Address: Santo Domingo y Sta. Ana, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4196423

Canalcubano: This restaurant is part of the city´s magnificent cultural centre where you will find a pottery stall, a bazaar, shops of the so-called "Fondo de Bienes Culturales" (fund of cultural goods) and "La casa de las Americas", as well as a bar with nice views. They offer the international kind of food mainly based on fish. Its quality is more than correct.

Restaurant La Punta

Comidas ligeras
Hotel Ancón
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Restaurant El Ranchon

 Restaurant El Ranchon TrinidadLocated in a large open garden covered with pergola's and plants. The owner and his wife are very enthusiastic and driven to do the best he can for his guests. On the menu you will find traditional Cuban cuisine, the portions are HUGE and tasty. If you contact him a day or two on forehand he can prepare you a real Cuban pigroast. Really recommended for people who want to experience real good Cuban food.

Photos Restaurant El Ranchon

Address: Anastacio Cardenas, Trinidad Cuba.
Neighbor of Casa El Tulipan
Phone: +53 53772610 / +53 41 901560

Restaurant Rancho Don Fando

Reviews Rancho Don Fando

Name: Terry Daw
Country: England
I had: Dinner
I had dinner/lunch there at: 01/08/2011
With how many people?: 10 people, including children.

Ranchon "Don Fando"

Review: This Paladar was super. It is actually located on the family's farm...all surrounded by banana trees and lots of plants and flowers. We went for a meal, to celebrate the birthday of a friend with the family. Rene, the owner, prepared a long table for us and when we arrived, everything was ready. The food was very good and very nice presented. There was a lady singing on the night, that kept us entertained, as well as a guitar player. We had such a good evening, that we went back again, but this time for lunch, so we could appreciate the place. The paladar is not right in the centre of Trinidad but,it is worth going. There is a car park there, where yo can leave your car.
The staff is very professional and very dedicating to their work.
The kids had a very good time, chasing all the animals!!!
Very nice atmosphere with very good food...what else can you ask for???!!!
We highly recommend it!!!


La Redaccion Restaurant & Bar

 Restaurant Bar La Redaccion | Trinidad | CubaThe food in Cuba can be boring but the produce is delicious, fresh and naturally organic. The restaurant serves Cuban food with a European twist: Lobster, Prawns, Gourmet lamb burgers, Pork Belly, various veggie options (rare in Cuba), Guacamole, Hummus, Soups, Salads and much more. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best produce daily from the local fishermen and farmers.

The traditional colonial building holds all its original charm and remains untouched since the 1800s. In 1911, the first edition of the newspaper “El Liberal” was produced at the house and continued for 30 years. The concept of the restaurant revolves around this theme. We use local newspapers as place mats, the menu is divided by newspaper section and our museum room displays the original typewriters, bureau and furniture of the time.

Music is also at the heart of La Redacción and we have various local bands playing nightly. The restaurant is located on the main street, Calle Maceo, a two minute walk from the central Plaza Mayor. We open daily from 11.30am until late.

La Redaccion Restaurant & Bar

Photos La Redaccion



Address: Calle Maceo 463, Entre / Simon Bolivar & Francisco Javier Zerquera, Trinidad S.S Cuba

Phone: +53 54 91 01 46

Restaurant Ruinas de Lleonci

Cocina internacional
Address: G. Izquierdo #114, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Junky Dot Com: Trinidad &emdash; Restaurant Sabor Trinitario

Sabor Trinitario

Address: Visente Suyama #15, e/ Pablo Pichs Giron y Conrado Benitez, Trinidad, Cuba
Phone: +53 52489663


Restaurant Sabor Tropical

Address: Antonio Maceo (Gutierrez) # 467, Trinidad< Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41994488

Restaurant San Jose Trinidad Cuba

Paladar San Jose

Lovely highly recommended restaurant. Real good service Cuban food and great pizzas & pastas.

Photos Restaurant San Jose

Address: Maceo #382 e/ Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41994702

Restaurant Sol Ananda

Address: Real #45 Frente a la Plaza Mayor, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41998281

Paladar Sol y Son

Junky Dot Com: Restaurant Casa Particular Sol y Son &emdash; Restaurant Sol y SonAddress: Simón Bolívar 283 e/José Martí and Frank País, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41992926

Photos Paladar Sol y Son

One of Trinidad's longstanding paladares, "Sun and Sound" is housed in an art- and furniture-bedecked 19th-century house that could double for an antiques dealer. Out back, on the porch of a very attractive, verdant courtyard, the restaurant features one of the more extensive menus among private restaurants. Choose from soups, spaghetti, a long list of fish (including a breaded filet stuffed with cheese), and grilled and roasted chicken and pork dishes. Check out the cerdo borracho (drunk pork), which is grilled and doused with rum. The patio has mounted ceiling fans, and during the day you should do your level best to sit beneath one, as it can get bloody hot.

Since 2013 you also can stay the night in this lovely colonial paladar. Check out Casa Paladar Sol y Son


Restaurante Terraza Trinidad Colonial

Junky Dot Com: Restaurante Terraza Trinidad Colonial &emdash; Restaurante Trinidad ColonialLovely place and great owners. You will be welcomed by a bird wistle "La Cucaracha" :) They have a terrace upstairs overlooking the historic street Ruben Martinez Vilena. Good pizzas and lobster for an even better price. A bit shabby but professional service and live music. Recommended for lunch.

Photos Restaurante Terraza Trinidad Colonial

Owners: Dr. Jorge y Dra. Yanet
Address: Rubén Martínez Villena (Real) e/ Ciro Redondo (San José) y Pablo Pich Girón (Guaurabo), Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. Next to the famous Canchanchara bar
Phone: +53 41994270 / +53 53376929
Open: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Restaurant Terraza Mirador

Cocina internacional
Hotel Las Cuevas
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Restaurant Trinidad Colonial

Cocina internacional
Address: Maceo #402, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4196473

Canalcubano: Established in a beautiful colonial house and decorated with an antic furniture, it presents a correct native menu with meat, shellfish, and fish. It is the most elegant of all Trinidad.

Frommers: This restaurant is more notable for its setting, in a pretty mauve-colored house set back from the street, with a couple of tables in a sunny courtyard, than its menu. The standard dishes of grilled fish, pork filet, grilled shrimp, and lobster, feature decent-size portions but are a little unexciting, and service can be spectacularly inattentive. A better value are the set menus, which come with rice, vegetables, bread, and dessert.

Wcities: This elegant restaurant is a mid-19th century mansion, which once housed a wealthy Trinitaria (local resident) family of that time. The spacious dining area lies beyond the gate and the manicured garden of decorative plants and autochthonous dwarf palms. Its furniture, tableware and settings are originally from that period and the high ceilings retain the intricate fine plaster moulding. Artwork by the region's artists hangs from the walls and potted tropical flowers abound. This fine restaurant's specialities include the highest quality of shellfish and seafood.


Restaurant Via Reale

Address: Calle Real n#74, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Canalcubano: One of the few city restaurants that goes out of the classical native food. They offer different pizzas, spaghetti and other Italian food. Located in a valuable colonial house. It isn’t expensive.

Restaurant Casa Villalba

Junky Dot Com: Restaurant Casa Villalba Trinidad &emdash; Restaurant Casa VillalbaOffers Cuban cuisine in an old colonial casa. Close to Plaza Mayor and frequently live music.

Photos Restaurant Villalba

Address: Simón Bolívar #422, Trinidad (Sancti Spíritus), Cuba
+53 5359263 / +53 53202803

Restaurant Vista Gourmet

Restaurant Vista Gourmet Trinidad Cuba Personally we had a feeling of a resort buffet.
Not really something romantic but a stunning view.

Address: Callejon de Galdos #2B, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 41996700 / +53 52924702

Photos Vista Gourmet


Restaurant Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey Trinidad Cuba

Wakey Wakey & Shakey Shakey

Address: Jesus Menendez #205, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 52743520













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