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Cuban Anthem

Pedro Felipe Figueredo

Lawyer, landowner, poet and musician, he was born in 1818, in Bayamo. In the 1860s, he was active in the planning of the uprising against the Spanish which became known as the Ten Years' War. In 1867, he wrote La Bayamesa, which, today, is the national anthem of Cuba. He fought in the Ten Years' War as a general under the command of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, but in 1870, was captured by the Spanish and was executed in Santiago de Cuba on August 17, of that year.




Lyrics Cuban Anthem

Cuba Al combate corred bayameses
Que la patria os comtempla orgullosa
No temais una muerte gloriosa
Que morir por la patria es vivir

En cadenas vivir es vivir
En afrenta y oprobio sumidos
Del clarin escuchad el sonido
Alas armas valientes corred.





Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo,
For the homeland looks proudly to you.
You do not fear a glorious death,
Because to die for the country is to live.

To live in chains
Is to live in dishonor and ignominy.
Hear the clarion call,
Hasten, brave ones, to battle!








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